Web Design Malaysia

Avoid These Errors in Web Design

Before you jump into the web design process, of course there are requirements that you want to put on your website like the color, background and layout design. However, have those are not the only things that matter. You still have to do some homework and look up the things that you want (and have to) avoid. By avoiding the list that we will soon get on with it, it will be easy for your website to gain more visitors and customers. The mistakes are somewhat common among designers and people tend to look with one eye open. Though for some it might not be that appalling, you won’t be surprised at how effectively bad it is.

Generally, the best websites are the ones with a steady navigation and flow, proceeding sales and notably user-friendly. It is the perfect strategy that will have a lot of attention. These are the major errors you must avoid:

A website doesn’t have to only be user-friendly but also mobile friendly. Statistic shown that 67% said they are prone to purchase from a mobile friendly website. Some designers forget about the importance of mobile friendliness. Therefore, the ones that offer the best mobile-friendly experience sites are more likely to gain more customers. A web design made for mobile is quite optimal and have been approved by Google for SEO.

Next is to always include a contact number on your website. Why? Let’s say that some people prefer to have immediate response and would likely to call right away instead of email. It may sound easy but actually maximize the opportunity to gather customers. Some of the customers find it handy to do more work just to get a detailed information regarding your product and your brand. For instance, a company that expertise in Web Design Malaysia include their phone number at the footer of their website. Contact number is important because it is apart of the CTA (call to action) and from CTA itself, you will easily make your customers like as if you care. This is due to that we make them feel that they matter. Shopping cart, signing up for accounts, and the ability to contact your company are the traits for reliable website CTAs. Don’t forget the subscribe button as well.

Another thing that probably novices don’t know is search engine optimization aka SEO. SEO rank doesn’t happen overnight so in order to achieve this is you have to provide informative and unique content. Remember: content is everything despite you have the best visual looking website out there. Regularly post content that mainly focuses on keywords (I’m talking about long-tail one). Another thing that can strengthen the SEO rank is encourage social media engagement. This will allow you to contact personally with your buyers, plus it helps to boost your brand and customer service.

The things that I stated are the major common mistakes in web design. Sure it sounds risky and too much work but for all we know, they can really make your website more customers-worthy.